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It's when I began studying yoga and meditation in 1978, under the guidance of an Eastern Meditation Master, that my interest in astrology was born. When I had my chart read for the first time, I was amazed at how much I resonated with it. I instantly bonded with this ancient language of wisdom.

I studied with astrology teachers in Australia and the United States and began doing readings in 1980. Since that time, I have built a national and international clientele.

MArgaret Sweet - Astrologer

When reading a chart, I am drawn to explore that which addresses the practical and current situation, the psychological factors at play, and a deeper, spiritual awareness, which gives us a rich context and perspective of all that is taking place in your life. Using these areas as a backdrop, I explain what I am seeing, the time frames involved and solutions as to how to understand and work with, or align oneself with the opportunities for growth identified during the course of the reading.

Over the last 30 years I have explored, studied, experienced and embraced many different modalities related to psychology, spirituality and alternative healing therapies, many of which have become my foundation for understanding life and embarking on this journey with clarity, compassion and joy.

Making the Southwest my home, I lived in Sedona, Arizona for 14 years, and currently live in downtown Prescott, Arizona.

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